Photo: Alicia Clarke

Radical Togetherness – Performance/public showing, with choreographer Stefan Jovanovic/Velvet Fools, Siobhan Davies Studios, London, October 2018.


SRuddock MGanzinottiCredit: Mayra Martin Ganzinotti

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Photo: Gorm Ashurst

Haptic Kin: Solo performance and choreographic collaboration, idea/concept by visual artist Mayra Martin Ganzinotti, The Florence Trust, London, June-July 2018.


bo-om SRuddock web

Photo: C. Ruddock

bo-om   Choreography and solo performance at Open Choreography Performance Evening, Siobhan Davies Studios, London, June 2018.


doo-dee-dum 3


Amerikanische Lieder: Residency and public sharing (choreography + solo performance) at Siobhan Davies Studios, with Bernardo Ortiz, Matthias Sperling, Pepa Ubera and Shelley Parker, London, May 2018



Photo: Gorm Ashurst



Photo: Camilla Greenwell

Performing Tarot Oracle Dance – VELVET FOOLS Ed.1, Concept: Stefan Jovanović & Eleanor Bauer, The Doodle Bar, London, 2017


to a NEST

Photo: Tuva Nordelius

to a NEST  Choreography and solo performance, PIN festival + ccap/Cristina Caprioli Sunday run_up, Stockholm, 2015



 AS IT GOES ON – the film choreography/dance/voice: Sara Ruddock, 2013



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AS IT GOES ON – the solo choreography/dance/voice: Sara Ruddock, Kulturhuset, Stockholm, 2013



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Photo: Rebecka Stillman

MARKET  Solo adaptation and performance; choreography by Deborah Hay, Dansens Hus, Stockholm, 2010.



Photo: Håkan Larsson

DET SOM ALLTID ÄR Choreography and solo performance; Director: Björn Andersson, Aliasteatern, Stockholm, 2010.

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